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Test Your Browser's Features

Your browser has identified itself as: CCBot/2.0 ( via its "User Agent String".

Using the browser's 'User Agent String' is not a great way to determin browser features for several reasons. First and formost, the string can be forged very easilly. Therefore it is much safer to detect if a browser supports features you wish to use. For example, if you intend to use the browser storage feature 'localstorage' you can test to see if it is supported before using it.

if(window.localStorage) { ... } // supported
else { ... } // not supported

There is a package called Modernizr that does these feature detection tests for you.

We use the Modernizr package to determin what features are support and which are not. See for more information on how 'modernizr' works.

Modernizr shows the following features for your browser:

SupportedNot Supported