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Privacy Statement

We do not collect tracking COOKIES, but we do collect anonymous information, like IP addresses, user agent strings, dates and times, fingerprints and geo-location data. While those are anonymous, they provide some information about your ISP and possibly your computer. You can always opt out of providing geo-location information. This site uses PHP and the server can collect anonymous information even if you have JavaScript disabled.

If you have looked at our source code, you have probably seen tracker.js and geo.js loading jquery. Those programs collect anonymous information and adds it to our databases.

If you really want to surf the web anonymously, go to your local library and use one of its computers. Don't take your cell phone and wear dark classes and a COVID mask. Also, don't park near the library. Do not use your email address or provide other personal information. This probably is not the way you want to enjoy the web, but doing it this way will give you a pretty anonymous footprint.

As stated on our home page, we do not collect tracking COOKIES, but we do collect anonymous information. However, other pages you may link to, even on our domain, do collect and use JavaScript extensively.

We will never sell your information (as anonymous as it is) to any third party.

If you want to see what information we collect, visit Webstats.

Good luck and have fun.